x2 the home for 1/2 the price

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What if you could avoid starter home nightmares?

When buying a home without co-owning, you not only sacrifice financially, but you give up your quality of life and essential home features.


Not sure what to do with a fixer upper


Not enough bedrooms or square feet


Far from your dream neighborhood


Time is your most valuable asset, and you might end up putting in more cash to repair this discount property than it is worth. To top it off, this house’s location is inconvenient. Your commute is longer, the community isn’t what you hoped, and the school districts aren’t the best.


What if you could opt out of your mortgage at any point in time?

Flexibility is key. Through Cher, you have options and safety nets to protect you.


Swap places with a new co-owner


Exit your contract without breaking it


Take your earned equity with you


It’s as easy as logging back into your account! Cher walks you through your opt out process and makes sure you cross your t’s and dot your i’s. You can rest assured that you are released from all contracts, and aren’t liable for the property. Opting out doesn’t mean selling yourself short. Any contribution and appreciation is given to you, no strings attached.


What if you could have financial freedom while simultaneously building equity?

When you are only paying a fraction of your mortgage payment, you free up income to put towards living your best life.


Stop wasting money on rent (expense) and put it towards home payments (equity)


Watch your investment appreciate over time and secure your future


Empower yourself to complete your financial portfolio


You don’t have to settle for less!

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